8K: TV revolution without content

The annual exhibition started again with the presentation of new trends and advances. The manufacturers do not just want to introduce new smartphones or household appliances there, which often do not arouse interest, so entertainment media are the means of choice. Especially television sets are considered as customer magnets and attract attention. Even today, the providers present a new small revolution there.


The 8K technology

South Korean Samsung, the world leader in the field, said in a press conference that the "8K Revolution" will soon be the new standard for televisions. The resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels refers to the term "8K". This expresses a quadrupling compared to the current standard 4K, which is also known under "UHD". The pixel increase means for the viewer that he sees more details and that no loss of quality occurs even on large screens. For example, a user who currently has a device with an 80-inch screen can purchase a 160-inch product without degrading color sharpness and image depth when deciding on this new path.


Still much theory and little practice

But for the whole project to make sense, cooperation between the manufacturers and TV makers is necessary. If these do not produce formats that are suitable for this high-resolution medium, it is not sensible for the consumer to purchase them. Samsung assumes, however, that the content will come soon and recognize the television adversaries advantages.

With the "Q900", the company is launching a model that will give the viewer a new TV experience. However, the purchase is expensive: Just under 5000 euros must pay a prospective buyer for a device with a width of 65 inches. Should it be 85 inches, the initial cost triples.

Since there is still no suitable content, and the viewer can still look forward to a new quality, it comes to the use of artificial intelligence. This calculates the lower values, which is why there is an "upscaling".

Also, LG wants to be successful in this market, which is why they have also developed and presented a device with these characteristics. Here, the company uses the OLED technology and equipped the world first, a television with it. However, those interested can only look at them and not yet buy them, because this is a study. When this goes into series and how high the purchase price is for it, is not yet known.

Experts believe that the first bids produced for 8K are streaming services. Presumably, these are not the latest movies from the dream factories, but classics that receive a post.