Authenticity and Teamplay: That's what makes a good leader

A good leader needs good observation . The boss knows about his team and the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. This also makes it clear which employee is best suited for which task.
Sometimes the boss also has to be a team player who distributes tasks fairly and takes back his own interests in order to move the company forward. A leader who puts his own interests behind the good of meanness is especially important in times of crisis .

Authenticity and organization

Good leaders are authentic and with integrity . Strict bosses maintain this line, even when problems with employees occur. Anyone who constantly changes his position, possibly even focusing on external factors such as economic interests, quickly loses the respect of the team.
Important is therefore also critical ability . Chefs who are already willing to admit their own mistakes deserve the respect of the team and thereby gain support in the company.
Authenticity only works if a system is behind the leadership style. Leadership needs to be organized , assessing situations fairly but honestly and addressing issues in a targeted way. For the employees this provides an important orientation to improve their own performance.

A good boss gives responsibility

Managers run the business and are an orientation for employees and customers . But a good boss can also be responsible . He gives his employees confidence and an important role in the team - qualities that are important for long-term success.
The boss must therefore also be able to develop a trusting relationship with his team. When employees and bosses can rely on each other and both parties know about this, communication automatically improves and the team is more willing to address problems and grievances openly and honestly.

At the same time, leaders need to be able to put their ego back . Success has to be celebrated together in the company, because only in this way can motivation and cohesion emerge. The bosses of large companies give the employees time and again opportunities to implement projects independently and reap the rewards of their work themselves.
A good boss combines all these qualities. He is well-organized, professional , authentic and can adapt to situations individually. Given these factors, the leader is successful and has the backing of the employees.