DONNER & REUSCHEL - Technical Analysis DAX 30

DAX 30 continues to struggle at short notice

- German leading index plays Ping Pong -


Nearly accurate bandwidth ... As expected, the German benchmark index tested yesterday's 12,322 hurdle. In the same time span, however, he also checked his 12.125'er support line. In "naked" numbers this means: intraday high at 12,348, intraday low at 12,175 meters. The DAX 30 played virtually "Ping Pong" yesterday. At the end of the day, a classic "high-wave-candle" was recorded. True to the motto "should you go up or down?". This is exactly what symbolizes this trade week and this Friday. Lid 12.322 - sediment 12.125. Little travel - many question marks. The market technology also blows in this horn. All in all, this also shows neutral. Both the short-term indicators and the trend followers keep their feet still. From a fundamental point, today probably enjoyable data. Both the European orders and the US labor market data are forecasted positively, paired with the neutral chart and market technology promises that at least stability. If not a little push up. At 12.348, you should limit today's maximum potential. Looking down, the 12.125 continue to manifest as a central support and stop line. Yesterday was again a clear indication of this. Sideways into the weekend. Bandwidth 12,348 - 12,125. Technically sophisticated ping pong ...



DAX 30 still in the long-term uptrend channel

"Ping Pong" between 12.348 & 12.125