Double agent: Aston Martins wants to expand production strong

Aston Martin wants to double production Brexit represents an incalculable risk for many companies and companies, which is why they expect collapses in sales. The British luxury vehicle manufacturer Aston Martin, on the other hand, assumes that demand will continue to rise, which is why production is expected to double by 2025. 14,000 cars will then leave the factory site. The reasons behind these excellent prospects This is due to the improved global economy and the associated increase in salaries. In growing industrialized nations, society is also changing. An increase in the wealth of the middle and upper classes can be seen. As a result, spending power is on the increase and these circles want to provide themselves with luxury goods and status symbols. The easiest way to display your own social position is by car. Everyone sees this and can immediately estimate how expensive it is. With the growing markets outside Europe, the exit from the European Union has no impact on business. Although demand has slowed somewhat in China, the economic reforms that the government is undertaking there are likely to improve purchasing power. The trade war between the US and China is another aspect. Cars from the United States are therefore more expensive, which is why other models and brands gain in attractiveness. In addition to German vehicles English cars are in great demand among Chinese. Motorization is increasing, which is why demand is increasing. Saturation has not yet occurred. 2017 as a good omen for the future Despite the good reputation are difficult times behind Aston Martin. Only last year, the Wagenbauer again posted a profit of just under 100 million euros. Thus he wrote for the first time since 2010 back in the black. Adjustments to the business strategy were a point of view. So the company equips the British show agent and movie hero James Bond again with his models. The level of awareness increases as a result, and in addition the corporate image improves.