Is the Commerzbank flying out of the Dax?

The Commerzbank - once Dax founding member - threatens the expulsion from the Dax. Thus, the days of the second largest German private bank in the German leading index seem to be counted. How could it come to this?

Crucial is the ranking at the end of August

But it is not yet time. It is not until September 5 that Deutsche Börse wants to decide whether Commerzbank will continue in Germany's best-known stock market barometer. Decisive is then the ranking of end of August. But in two months of the stock market, much is possible and there may still be some changes.

Other company could displace Commerzbank

However, it currently looks better for another company. Because the trend speaks rather for the financial service provider Wirecard from Aschheim . The company from near Munich could thus displace the Commerzbank from the Dax and instead move up itself. Wirecard is still listed in the Tec-Dax . Since the beginning of the year, the financial services provider has risen rapidly - the price rose by about 50 percent . This puts Wirecard at a stock market value of more than 16 billion euros and is ranked 24th in the ranking of the largest listed companies in Germany.

Commerzbank currently the weakest Dax value

Commerzbank has a stock market value of around 9 billion euros . This puts the private bank in 34th place and is currently the weakest Dax value . The company Beiersdorf is not in a good position either. The stock market value is currently around 9.6 billion euros . This puts Commerzbank 7 percent behind Beiersdorf. However, it can not be ruled out that she will catch up until the end of August. The Dax companies RWE, Lufthansa, Merck, Thyssen-Krupp and Heidelberg Cement are also within reach. Although these are currently still in front of the Commerzbank, but all these companies may also have to leave the Dax .

The decisive factor is the average value in August

It depends above all on the average value of the last 20 trading days in August . This would not be enough for a strong price jump at the end of August. Since the beginning of the year, Commerzbank's share price has fallen by a third . Thus, the shares of the company are currently not interesting for investors. Furthermore, for a change in the Dax the trading turnover of the shares is of crucial importance. The jump of the financial services provider Wirecard on rank 25 ensures that it is now a serious candidate for the Dax. Wirecard was ranked 28th in May. These are very considerable sales for a Tec-Dax value.

Commerzbank is about everything

However , it is very rare for a company to enter the top 30 Dax corporations. For deliberately, Deutsche Börse has set very high standards in its index rules . This should be avoided frequent changes. The rise of Wirecard is now certain if, by the end of August, the company remains one of the best 25 stocks in Germany in terms of market value and trading turnover. For the Commerzbank, however, it is about to get away from the last Dax-Platz. If this does not succeed, the number of Dax founding members will decrease to 14 after 30 years.