Five percent of digital companies have already received DSGVO warnings

According to the results of a recent survey conducted by the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft , 5 percent of member companies have already received a warning based on the GDPR . A result that shows that it is no longer about individual cases. More than half are convinced that the GDPR also has a negative impact on the development of sales.

5 percent were warned, 28 percent are convinced to receive soon a warning

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO), which was implemented at the end of May 2018, caused quite a stir and also caused quite a stir. Now, the results of a survey conducted by the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW for short) confirmed why the GDPR was criticized : 5 percent of digital companies already received a warning, 28 percent of the companies surveyed are convinced that they will soon receive a warning. "The fact is that the GDPR has mainly led to uncertainty, but it is still not clear how to apply the new regulations," said Thomas Duhr, the BVDW vice-president. "On the one hand, the unclear formulations and, on the other hand, the contradictory requirements are problematic." The insecurity that is now ruling paralyzes the entire economy. "

Digital activities have been restricted

The new privacy policy is perceived by the industry as "rather negative" . Around 43 percent of respondents said they had restricted their digital activities since May; 56 percent, or more than half of the digital companies interviewed, are also convinced that sales would become "negative" or even "very negative" because of the data protection regulations. Just 9 percent said sales would be "positive" or "very positive". One third of the interviewees believed that the GDPR had no impact on sales performance.

Information about the survey

The BVDW surveyed 278 experts from the member companies for the survey, which was conducted in late June and early July. These were mainly companies in the fields of technology and telecommunications , retail / retail / e-commerce and media.