Google: $ 9 billion for Apple?

It's about the standard search engine: So that the iPhone user continues to be connected in Safari browser automatically with the Google search engine, Google must pay quite a high sum. According to current estimates of Goldman Sachs, it is 9 billion US dollars - and rising. In the next year, the amount should even be increased - so could the sum, it is based on current calculations, for 2019 to 12 billion US dollars climb.

Why is Apple being paid by Google?

Google must already put a decent amount on the table, so that the search engine is still set as standard on the iPhone. If you start the search via the Safari browser, the request will be immediately forwarded to Google. Even the Siri requests are processed by Google. Even if you can change the default search engine in the browser, this step is hardly set - and so that Google remains the default search engine, Apple receives about 9 billion US dollars. However, due to top secret contracts, the amount can only be estimated.

Is it only $ 3 billion in the end?

In 2014, there was the last official number - at that time Google transferred a billion US dollars. Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall is convinced the total will be around $ 12 million next year. However, there are reports from other analysts who believe that Google does not have to dig that deep - Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi believes Google would pay $ 3 billion a year.