Klassik Radio: New streaming service pushes share

Klassik Radio has cracked its 7-euro mark with its shares for two years now and is now at 7.15 euros . For 2018 Ulrich Kubak, CEO of Klassik Radio , expects a further increase . The current success trend makes possible the increasing availability of the transmitter . While classical radio was only available in a few regions until a few years ago, the station can now be watched over the internet. The introduction of the digital standard DAB + also contributes to the further dissemination.
Already in 2017, with a turnover of 14 million euros, the largest price increase since the founding of the station was recorded. An annual surplus of 1.3 million euros offset the equally high loss from 2015 and serves as a comparison of what has changed at the station in recent years. The course of success is reflected in the share of the operator .


Radio Select ensures success

Klassik Radio is currently the largest private station in Germany . Only last year Radio Stream launched a streaming offshoot , which is similarly promising. For 5.90 euros per month , the listeners get access to more than 100 channels , on which music from well-known labels such as Universal, Sony and Naxos runs. The existing license agreements with labels such as Sony or Universal are to be supplemented by further deals.
CEO and majority shareholder Kubak expects around 100,000 paying customers by the end of 2019 . That would mean an increase in sales of six million euros , of which around 2.4 million euros net profit.


Title is developing slowly

Currently, the station reaches about 5.9 million people. In the long term, Klassik Radio should gain a foothold internationally, thereby further strengthening its own share. This is currently at a value of 7.15 euros (as of 30.07.2018).
Despite the good prospects , the title of Klassik Radio develops slowly and with a relatively high investment risk . Compared to other companies in the "Media" sector, the share price has risen less steeply.