Technical Analysis DAX 30: "5 to 12" in the DAX 30

The DAX 30 has recently explored some extremes. So also on 09.02.18. 

The DAX 30 has recently explored some extremes. So also on 09.02.18. On this trading day, the immensely important 12,000 was briefly undercut, but the closing price was again 12,108 points. Thus, the trend following support stood up. We have increasingly referred to this brand in recent weeks. Here it could have become really dangerous, but the "old wisdom" is true again and again: a trend is intact until it breaks. In this specific case, the 2009 he upward trend of the German leading index. What does that mean for the start of the week? The recent cooling of just under 1,600 index points was a cleansing thunderstorm, which can now be followed by sunshine again. Important and trend-setting here will be the 12,500 he support line. It can provide a good foundation. The short-term indicators have cooled significantly and offer room for improvement. In addition, the constellation of Bollinger bands supports the thesis of a recovery (up) at the start of the week. All in all, the sale since the 23.01.2018 was painful. But also healthy. The sustainable up mode has not been left. Now, there are also operating opportunities again. The DAX has fallen into recovery mode and volatility has fallen. "Think positive". 


  • Next chart technical resistance: 12,489.122722, 12.951, 13.063, 13.152, 13.063
  • Upper Bollinger Band: 13.809
  • Next important technical support: 12.336, 12.232, 12.067, 11.930
  • Meter Bollinger Band: 12.812 and Lower Bollinger Band: 11.814
  • 90-day line: 13,054 and 200-day line: 12,747 and: 21-day line: 12,841
  • Indicators: MACD: trend-confirming | RSI: neutral I Slow Stochastics: neural I Momentum: rising
  • All in all: Trend-confirming indicators, short-term potential for recovery (to the top)
  • Volatility (VDAX-NEW): 18.66
  • The opening today at 09:00 is expected above 12,500.
  • (Trailing) Stop Loss: 12,336, 12,232, 12,067, 11,930 (depending on individual risk affinity)

Source: Guidants

by Martin Utschneider