Technical Analysis DAX 30 (daily): "Darn Triangle Box" - DAX 30 stable at the start of the week -

Fundamentally today, everything is under the banner of the purchasing manager indices . However, neither from France nor from Germany satisfactory forecasts are reported here. In total, however, the European values ​​should at least be published stable at 10:00. Thus, the DAX 30 will probably get no momentum to the week start .

The stock markets in East Asia and Australia showed themselves predominantly with slight declines at the beginning of the new trading week. Above all, values ​​from the technology sector remained under pressure from the USA . Thus, it will not be an easy prelude to the German leading index. But quite feasible . Charttechnisch is still everything in the "green area". However, the "Rising Triangle" is the expected hurdle. Three black candle bodies in a row testify to the importance of the 12,621 barrier. However, if this is negotiated sustainably, then this is a good sign for further attractive courses in the DAX 30.

From a market point of view , both slow stochastics and RSI bear witness to a short-term overbought situation . The trend following indicator MACD continues to be neutral . All in all, an ordinary situation with such an important directional mark ( 12.651 ). A smooth break of this resistance would not be healthy either . This would not attest to technical chart sustainability.

  • Next technical chart resistances: 12.651, 12.722, 12.951, 13.301, 13.443, 13.526, 13.597
  • Next important chart technical supports: 12,524, 12,489, 12,524, 12,489, 12,335, 12,232,
  • Upper Bollinger Band: 12,749, middle Bollinger Band: 12,239 and Lower Bollinger Band: 11,729
  • 90-day line: 12,666 and 200-day line: 12,662 as well as: 21-day line: 12,242
  • Indicators: MACD: neutral | RSI: overbought I Slow-stochastics: overbought I Momentum: rising
  • In total: positive (primary trend), short-term profit taking always possible
  • Volatility (VDAX-NEW): 15.27 Today's opening at 09:00 is expected below 12,600 points.
  • (Trailing) Stop Loss: 12,524, 12,489, 12,335, 12,232, 12,162, 12,154 (depending on individual risk affinity)


  • Primary uptrend (since 2009) still intact
  • "Rising Triangle" as an important signpost

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