Uber wants to start in the year 2022 with the flight taxi service

The US service company Uber is researching the operation of air taxi taxis in Paris to launch the new business model in 2022 . The idea behind it: the company wants to develop and use flying taxi drones. Besides Uber, Airbus, Boeing and other startups are also interested in developing such taxi drones .

The VTOL drones (Vertical Takeoff And Landing) are to be used to offer a new way of transporting in larger cities. The aim is to keep noise pollution and CO2 emissions low, which is why the drones are operated electrically. These should have two to four seats, and have a range up to 100 kilometers . Platforms are built for take-off and landing. At the beginning the control of the drone taxis is still done by pilots, but in the long term this should be automated.