CAPinsideGermanyLESS THAN 1 MIN READING TIME2018-06-23

The statistics of the day: Business travelers can save money

The infographic shows the average savings in hotel prices through hotel selection and booking time (in percent).

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BonafidemarketsLESS THAN 1 MIN READING TIME2018-06-22

Fund manager update Bonafide - Outlook for exciting investments

Watch today's webcast of the Bonafide Global Fish Fund.

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CAPinsideLifestyleLESS THAN 1 MIN READING TIME2018-06-22

Germany vs. Germany Sweden - that says the statistics

On Saturday, the German national football team meets at the World Cup in Russia on the opponent Sweden. As the look at the statistics shows, the previous matches have been balanced - both teams won 15 games each.

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CAPinsidemarkets1 MIN READING TIME2018-06-22

Growth forecast misses: Starbucks closes 150 stores in the US

The well-known coffee house chain Starbucks apparently ends its aggressive expansion strategy. As the group announced on Wednesday, 2019 in the main market United States 150 cafes are closed. The Starbucks share fell nearly two percent.

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CAPinside1 MIN READING TIME2018-06-22

Daimler shares fall after profit warning

In addition to the trade dispute between China and America and the expanding diesel affair, Daimler released a profit warning on Wednesday evening. Yesterday, the price of Daimler shares collapsed by 4.29 percent.

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CAPinsidemarkets1 MIN READING TIME2018-06-22

Because of interest rate hike: Loans can be more expensive

Rising inflation could also lead to interest rate hikes as a countermeasure by the ECB in the near future. Thus, loans in Germany could become more expensive again. This development would particularly affect a customer group.

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Schmitz & Partnermarkets2018-06-22

Dr. Holger Schmitz über Italien, TARGET2 und Euro

Italien als Sargnagel des Euro? Auf diesen Aspekt seines Vortrags auf der Mark Banco Tagung Anfang Juni 2018 geht der Vermögensverwalter Dr. Holger Schmitz (SCHMITZ & PARTNER AG - Privates Depotmanagement) im folgenden Video näher ein.


CAPinsidemarkets1 MIN READING TIME2018-06-22

After 110 years: General Electric leaves the Dow Jones

The Dow Jones, which was founded more than 110 years ago, is considered to be one of the most well-known stock market indexes in the world. One of the founding members leaves with General Electric this index. This descent is synonymous with the farewell of the Siemens rival from the circle of 30 major US industrial groups.

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M&G Investmentsmarkets3 MIN READING TIME2018-06-22

Swimming against the tide is healthy - Three years M & G (Lux) Conservative Allocation Fund

Fund manager commentary as of June 2018 from Juan Nevado, M & G Investments.

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DONNER & REUSCHEL - Technical Analysis DAX 30

"Evening Star" provides adrenaline

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