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AGI expert Hans-Jörg Naumer: "Eurozone equities remain a good investment"

At the beginning of 2018, research expert Hans-Jörg Naumer, Head of Global Capital Markets, made concrete investment recommendations in a current capital market report.

At the beginning of 2018, capital market expert Hans-Jörg Naumer summarizes his outlook on the economic environment as follows: The global economy is continuing its recovery, even if there are signs of a slight decline in momentum.

Against this background, Allianz Global Investors' Head of Capital Market Research gives investors some basic recommendations: industrialized government bonds remain overvalued, warns Naumer in a recent research report. By contrast, medium-term inflation-linked bonds would be suitable for investment - combined with a small dose of emerging market hard-currency bonds.

Naumer continues to see good investment opportunities in equities - despite possibly increasing volatility. For the economy and monetary policy had a beneficial effect on the well-being of companies. It is therefore worthwhile to weight shares in the portfolio more than usual, it says in the current capital market letter. From the stock universe, he prefers to borrow from the eurozone, reveals Naumer: corporate profits in Europe compared to the US increased more moderately. You could still add values ​​in the higher single-digit range.

In addition, investors could also add shares from the US and emerging markets. When investing in Japanese stocks, investors should always keep an eye on the exchange rate risk, advises Naumer.

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