The French airline Air France swirls after the resignation of its CEO more and more in the crisis . The open fight with the employees and an uncertain future about the cooperation ensure that the position of the airline becomes more and more uncertain. After a referendum among the workforce , the French state has to intervene to at least extinguish the open fires as quickly as possible. At the same time several factors make it difficult to solve the situation.

Fight for wages at Air France

For 2017 , the Group has announced another record profit. This was one of the reasons that the workforce demanded a share in the cake and decided to enter into a labor dispute with the management . The demands are currently at an increase in wages by 14 percent . As is so often the case, the pilot union , SNP, plays a special role here. They have started the labor disputes and declared management an open fight for higher wages .

The situation is curious for a number of reasons: Air France did make a record profit - but a close look at the numbers reveals other problems. The profitability of the airline is still far below the figures of Europe's biggest competitors such as British Airways or Lufthansa . In addition, the actions of the management complicate the negotiation. While employees were initially offered only one percent wage increase, management and board members have increased their salaries by up to 20 percent . Understandable that the employees have little understanding .

Resignation of the board and interference of politics

Finally, it was a referendum among the employees , which led to the resignation of the Board in the airline. This was offered on behalf of the Group, an increase of salaries by seven percent for the next four years. Of this, two percent should be paid directly. In the vote, which the union has arranged among the workforce, there was finally no majority for the draft which led to the resignation of Jean-Marc Janaillac . Now Air France is without a real leader . There is no plan for the transition and after 22 months there is no suitable candidate who could directly take over the vacant position in the group. Although Anne-Marie Idrac , the former head of the state railway, could take on this role - given their rather modest successes in the transport sector, the experts are skeptical of the possible recruitment .

Even the politicians are getting involved in the tense situation. It still holds a minority stake in Air France and, of course, has an interest in not having any further strikes on the airline. The Minister of Economy is making a sharp signal and pointing out to the strikers that times have changed and that today it is no longer possible to hope that Air France will set up a rescue package for every employee.

All in all, the situation with the airline remains uncertain. If you can not come to a clarification and improve the numbers in the near future, the gap to the competition from Germany and England could be even bigger .