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CAPinsideBörse1 MIN READING TIME2018-12-05

Amazon is fighting for 1st place

The small crisis in the market value for Amazon seems to be over: In current trading, the stock again reaches levels higher than the 200-day line. There are many reasons for this, and in the next few days it will be decided whether this is just a new trend or whether the share price will continue to rise. But for the moment, especially the fight with Microsoft and Apple for the question of the most valuable brand in the world begins. A fight that seemed to have been decided already in the summer, until all shares of Tech-values ​​collapsed.

Apparently, the price correction in the papers from Amazon is temporarily completed. On Tuesday, the stock rose 4.9 percent, the highest level in three weeks. In general, it is about the important GD200 over and has survived the low phase that has determined the course in recent weeks. The big question for the experts is now setting the trends for the coming days and weeks. Is it just another gap after the significant course correction over the past three weeks, or has the track generally recovered? If it's not just a new trend, it's time to hit the record $ 2050 mark.

Since slipping to a low of $ 1,420 in the meantime, the stock has already seen gains of 25 percent. Meanwhile, the company is worth over $ 866 billion. This not only puts you in the circle of the world's most valuable brands and companies, but has also taken on the direct battle with Apple and Microsoft for the most valuable titles.

The most valuable brand in the world - the battle of tech giants

The battle for the title of the world's most valuable brand has been going on for over a year. In recent years, it has been mainly the papers of Microsoft, Alphabet, Apple and Amazon, which have benefited from the boom in the engineering industry. The highlight was in the summer, when all titles recorded a constant high, before it came in March to a crash of the title. It is still unclear whether it was simply a course correction in the industry, or whether there are actual problems for the engineering papers. The fact is that thanks to the recent forecasts Amazon has a good chance to move past Apple in the next few weeks. The brand has recently announced declines in production and delivery. In addition, Amazon has expanded its diversification only in recent weeks. It will remain exciting to ask which of the American companies can surpass their own records the fastest.