Five months after the official launch of the online investment platform, the Hamburg-based company has now secured the support of well-known investors as well as € 3.3 million equity capital for the further development of the online platform in a first round of financing. "We want to give all people independent access to the best and most relevant investment products," says Philipp Schröder, CEO and co-founder of the platform.

CAPinside is currently providing free automated real-time comparisons of over 40,000 investment products and their ratings online for professional investors to provide investors with the best possible decision support. "There is hardly any industry that has done so much damage through its systematic lack of transparency and that is at the same time not digitized as much as the investment industry. And that, although investment funds are actually completely unrivaled as a form of investment due to historically low interest rates, "emphasizes Schröder.

"CAPinside seeks to regain confidence through transparency by developing our benchmark technology to effectively help private investors make better and more responsible financial decisions in the future," Schröder continued. To ensure this, CAPinside has now raised fresh capital. The capital round was led by Thomas Pütter, the well-known venture capitalist and former CEO of Allianz Capital Partners, who also takes over as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of CAPinside AG. Other investors include Andreas Kupke, co-founder of, Christoph Ostermann, founder and CEO of Technologie-Start-Up sonnen, and Alexander Holtappels, CEO and founder of the Hamburg-based software company SABIO.

"We are very pleased about the great interest in the capital round and ultimately were spoiled for choice. We attached great importance to an entrepreneurial added value of the investors as well as their personality ", Schröder explains. According to its own data, more than 7,000 professional users have registered with since September 2018, and the site continues to receive over 2 million page views per month from non-registered users.