DSGVO, MiFID 2 and the new FinVermV pose new challenges for the advisor. The fulfillment of the new regulations are time-consuming. It is therefore essential that the consultant informs himself in the shortest possible time about topics and products that really interest him and his customers. In addition, the consultants must offer their customers a certain added value. When dealing with asset managers and end customers, care must be taken to record all communications, whether requests to fund management or the dispatch of fund comparisons. CAPinside facilitates the work immensely.

Get to know our new news and finance portal. The only portal that knows what interests you. Use the news and fund information for your client advisory services or for direct networking with fund managers and other advisers. Manage your fund lists, share fund comparisons with business partners and end customers, and create sample portfolios. The whole thing is completely free for you as a consultant! Thus, in the future, you only need one tool for obtaining information or for your product search. You save so much time and above all costs!

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