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Discover the potential of European REITs - What is behind the term?

 European REITs reflect the European understanding of property acquisition, management and trade. 

Real assets in euros
 European REITs reflect the European understanding of property acquisition, management and trade. In accordance with national legislation, European REITs may then invest almost exclusively in real estate or real estate projects. Other financial products such as securitization of real estate are not allowed in European REITs. Then, European REITs, which want to be relieved of local taxation, must be listed and distribute a statutory percentage of the profits to the shareholders. 
Liquid real estate investment
 Thanks to stock market valuations, investments in European REITs are comparatively liquid real estate investments. Even with lower investment volumes, a broad spread across countries and sectors can be shared. Fund management favors smaller capitalized European REITs with historically constant dividends over performance-oriented large cap REITs. 
Real estate instead of "castles in the air"
 In addition to the quantitative approach of "reit operating efficiency", the primary review also includes on-site discussions with company management. This elaborate engagement with the strategically and operationally responsible persons in the management of the REITs enables the estimation and verification of the mutual understanding of real estate investments. 
 Property investments are also locally shaped in European REITs. Many years of industry and local market knowledge of those responsible are in the fund manager's understanding of the future as well as solid financial results. 
 Fund management defines sustainable investments in the dimensions of ecological, economic and socio-empathic sustainability. Thus, in addition to energy consumption in the creation and management of the properties, ecological sustainability also means the associated environmental footprint of the fund management: Thanks to the clear focus on European REITs, the local due diligence processes can usually be carried out by public transport and without air travel. 

 Economic sustainability, for example, is understood as the economic behavior of the management, but also as the fund management company's understanding that capital invested in Europe ultimately benefits the European economy and thus the economic region directly influencing us. The term "socio-empathic sustainability" refers to the fact that it is not performance-driven self-claims that have a lasting negative impact on the living conditions of local people. For example, this is one of the reasons why fund management does not include pure European housing-only REITs in the title selection process. 

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