DAX 30 again above the downtrend

Upper trendline now at around 11,500

After the "No" on Tuesday, the British House of Commons has now yesterday rejected the withdrawal from the EU without an agreement. The signs now indicate a shift in the exit. However, as long as Britain and the EU do not ratify a withdrawal agreement, it could still lead to a disorderly exit. However, the vote of parliamentarians increases the chances of a Brexit delay. The deputies are on this evening. However, this requires that all 27 other Member States agree. The original "planned" withdrawal date was March 29th. Chart technically, the DAX 30 is currently above the June 2018èr downtrend. However, the nervousness is palpable and apparent. Light and shadow alternate in the doji colors. The 200-day line tends at 11,800. This also corresponds to the neckline of the 2018 neckline. In addition, the Upper Bollinger Band "greets" at 11,733 meters. It remains highly straining and the market participants sensitive to each message. In terms of market technology, slow stochastics presents itself with a buy signal. The trend follower MACD is (still) neutral. What does that mean in the run-up to the - for the time being - last Brexit vote? There are two scenarios here. Number 1: The German leading index holds the 11,500 sustainable and negotiates the 11,800, then mid-term quotes around the 12,500 are possible. However, if the German leading index falls below 11,500 again, then the downside mode would be reactivated (scenario 2). Stop & Take Profits therefore keep on (!).



Leave 2018 downtrend recently

Now sustainability test (11,500)

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