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DONNER & REUSCHEL - Technical Analysis

Delicate recovery plantlet


SKS Course Goal & Delicate Recreational Plantlet

Hopes for an end to the tariff disputes between the US and China are currently boosting the German lead index. The newly imposed tariffs are a cost trap in China, the US and the rest of the world. The nervousness on the global financial markets has recently been a tug of war. This could now help the two counterparties meet for further renegotiation. For this week, a general resumption of customs talks is expected. Charttechnisch had the DAX 30 on 27.12.2018 almost played out his SKS formation. The low for the day was 10,279 meters. Potential was up to 10,100. Measured by the descent of recent weeks, this was almost a "point landing". Now a tender plantlet seems to form a possible stabilization. The triple and successful test of the 10,400th mark could be an indication of this. However, the Kurschancen hold in the context. The next resistance already exists at almost 11,000. The downwards trend therefore remains higher. At 12,117 runs the 200-day line. The Mittlerer Bollinger-Band (10.798) could become an important landmark today. If the hopes for a resumption of customs talks are disappointed, threatens a renewed sale. However, if the talks come to fruition, it should be followed by a tough negotiating marathon. Thus, the technical brands continue to be a good guide. From a market perspective, the most important indicators are neutral at the beginning of the new week. A negotiating the 10.989 is probably not expected despite the currently good momentum today.



Hope for an end to the US customs dispute

Superordinate remains fragile chart image and intact downtrend

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