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DONNER & REUSCHEL - Technical Analysis DAX 30

Political and chart technical high voltage

Divided US Congress

- Political and chart technical high voltage -


In the US, according to first projections, it will probably amount to a split congress. According to the US media, the Republicans will defend their majority in the Senate in the congressional election. It looks different in the House of Representatives. Here is the media consensus: majority for the Democrats. The DAX 30 is expected to start above the 11,500 today. The focus will be on the final outcome of yesterday's US Midterm elections by noon. Then it will become clear whether US President Trump can continue as before or whether he may even need to adjust his political agenda. From a fundamental point, two important messages are expected today. On the one hand, the figures of the manufacturing industry in Germany. Second, the EU retail sales. The first is negative, the second positive. The market and technical view remains the same. Even if the DAX 30 again starts trading above the 11,500 today, it is the 11,800 at which it has to be measured on Wednesday. The current bandwidth will probably be between 11,696 and 11,459 like the last two trading days. Two classic "dojis" continue to testify to how fragile and undecided the market participants currently position themselves. The market technology is in unison neutral. Both trend followers (MACD) as well as short-term indicators tend this morning in the "no man's land". It is striking, however, that the Upper Bollinger band is very close to the SKS neckline. It is currently running at 11,813 meters. This too shows of an upper technical limit.



Primary trend: 2009'er uptrend left (!)

Secondary Trend: Active SKS Formation

Tertiary trend (today): 11,800 robust resistance

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