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Märkte1 MIN READING TIME2018-11-08

DONNER & REUSCHEL - Technical Analysis DAX 30

I make the world as I like it ...

Calm hand of the US Fed

- US tax reform probably on ice -


" I'll make the world the way I like it ...". The supporters of Republican US President Donald Trump have won or lost in congressional elections as well as his opponents. Some argue from the perspective of the Senate, others from the perspective of the House of Representatives. Each page "as it pleases". What brings this constellation in the long run, but has yet to show. Many market observers, according to the results of the midterms, no longer expect a US tax reform. Fundamentally, some important news is expected today. Overall, with a pleasing forecast. Export growth in Germany, stable labor market data in the US and a "calm hand" of the US Fed in the interest rate decision from 20:00 CET. The market and technical view remains the same. Even if the DAX 30 today still tackles the 11,696, it remains close as before the 11,800 at which it has to be measured. Today's bandwidth will probably be between 11,696 and 11,459. The Upper Bollinger Band continues to trend downhill. Currently it is listed at 11,792 and thus under the SKS neckline (11,800). The market technology is in unison neutral. Both trend followers (MACD) as well as short-term indicators tend this morning again in the "no-man's land". Striking, however, is the noticeable narrowing of the Bollinger bands. This too shows of an upper technical limit. Chance: 12.125 - risk 10.100 (!). Risk management should continue to be stringently sustained



Shoulder-head-shoulder formation continues to be active (!)

Today's focus on 11,696 after the Midterm results

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