Capsensixx dares to go public

The Frankfurt based company Capsensixx describes itself as the leading provider of " Financial Administration as a Service ". The company was formed from a merger of Axxion, Oaklet and Coraixx . The focus of Capsensixx is on managing, structuring and realizing different financial products . In particular, investment funds are the focus of the company, but also alternative investment products are being developed. The role of Axxion is therefore particularly important because the company has a high profile. On the other hand, Oaklet is a securitization specialist. By contrast, Axxion still manages a volume of 4.9 billion euros in 2015 . Meanwhile, this capital stock has been increased to 9.2 billion euros, so that the company can record particularly good growth. With Coraixx there is still a young company in the league. The company was only created as part of a new foundation. The expertise of Coraixx lies in digitizing financial statements through the use of artificial intelligence .

Capsenixx recorded strong growth and was able to increase sales last year to 116.2 million euros. This was preceded by a turnover of 77 million euros. However, as part of the growth in sales, the items in circulation must also be taken into account. For example, there are performance fees paid by Axxion to the administered funds. More important is the growth, which was reflected in earnings before taxes. At EUR 7.2 million, this was around 24 percent higher than in the previous year. An operating profit increase of 24 percent was also achieved in the first quarter of the year. In addition, revenue growth was 66 percent when compared directly to the first quarter of 2017.


Placement volume should be 19 million

General declines in margins are also well protected in the business model of Capsensixx , which means that the declines in margins expected in transactions with investment funds can be absorbed. In addition, the stable and scalable platforms enable further upside potential, which can impact revenue and profits.

According to current statements, a first listing in the Prime Standard is expected to take place on 21 June 2018. From June 12 until the beginning of next week, around 986,125 shares will be offered . Around 330,000 of these shares come from a capital increase. A further 527,500 shares are being sold by PEH Wertpapier, the previous sole shareholder. At the start, a share price of 16 to 19 euros is announced . In total, the sale will generate an amount of 19 million euros. All capital is to be invested in the growth of Coraixx.