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CAPinsideWirtschaft & Unternehmen1 MIN READING TIME2018-12-05

In December I drive the SUV - The car subscription puts a new car every 30 days

In times of constant unrest on the car market and the reluctance to invest the Wüzrburger start-up Faaren wants to offer its customers a special service. With a subscription model, it should be possible to move around the world every month in a new vehicle. In doing so, they want to capture the new needs of customers and offer greater flexibility in the handling of the purchase of cars.

In the opinion of the founders, the classic business model with leased cars or even a steady new purchase of vehicles is over. Instead, they want to satisfy the need with their subscription model to be as flexible as possible with their own car and to be able to regularly put on a new vehicle. For this purpose it is possible with "Faaren" to put on a new car every 30 days. For example, in the summer months, sporting models would be possible, in the winter months, a sedan or an SUV can be booked in the model. In doing so, Faaren relies on cooperation with a dealer from Würzburg, who provides the vehicles for their subscription from their fleet of used cars. The prices are based on the class of cars, the desired mileage and the general duration of the subscription.

Small but steadily growing selection of cars

Currently there are 23 cars in the Faaren fleet. Who is looking for a Volkswagen Up! decides, is already with 400 euros a month here. A Psssat is currently valued at around 900 euros. In addition, there are 1,250 kilometers per month. Who builds an accident with the cars of the fleet, has to pay a deductible of 1000 euros. All authorizations, taxes and other fees, which otherwise add up to a cost factor, are already included in the subscription of the start-up. They themselves earn money through the fee they receive from the merchants. For each mediated subscription and thus the use of the vehicles, there is a corresponding share of the start-up. Of course, the traders themselves also benefit: They have the opportunity to use capital, which until now has only been on the farm. Since these are used cars and leasing returns, these cars are rather difficult to sell in sales. Also, the diesel debate has led to many of these vehicles that they would be difficult to negotiate in normal trading due to the uncertainty of consumers.

Subscription models are becoming increasingly popular

The idea for a subscription model is not new. Even the major manufacturers themselves, such as BMW, are experimenting with appropriate sales models. In the US, a start-up operates, which provides a new car in a subscription model within three days for its customers. All parties involved in the market are in agreement: customers now want significantly more flexibility when dealing with their cars. Especially the enthusiasts are enjoying more and more new cars. Even most leasing contracts therefore have too long terms for the needs of the fans.