The use of social media is now of great importance for companies. Communication between consumers, potential customers and companies plays an important role in defining their own brand and distributing products and services. Therefore, more and more companies rely on the use of experts. The social media manager is now one of the typical faces in the company and should ensure that just this virtual communication is working properly . But because the job is still relatively new and hardly defined more concrete, many potential applicants ask the question of what you have to bring along to become such an expert.


The role of social media managers in companies

It starts with the concrete definition of the tasks of a social media manager in a company. Many people imagine that such an expert tweets the whole day or evaluates the data on Facebook. Of course that's part of the job as well. However, the main thing is to come up with a strategy of how to guarantee success through social media. Communication plays an important role - but also the timing, analysis and sensitivity to the different streams that you encounter in social media. The requirement profile for a social media manager is high and it is changing just like the internet itself . Here are the most important skills for this profession:


1. A sense of how to deal with your own followers

Thanks to various key figures and analyzes, it is no longer so difficult to find the right timing for a good post . The unknown variable is always the reaction of your own community. A social media manager needs to have a sense of the needs and trends within their followers . This includes reacting correctly in times of crisis and aligning communication with current status. This is the key to a commitment to your own brand.


2. A talent for the organization

As a rule, the social media manager has more employees and does not care about the different social media presences. So one of the most important skills is that the output of the content is properly organized . Creating contacts and constantly optimizing your own social media strategy also plays an important role in social media success.


3. Creativity in storytelling

Simple advertising is neither seen nor clicked today. Good ads sell a story and drive customer loyalty . A good social media manager must therefore have a knack for packaging the ad in good stories. At the end of the day, the social media expert is still part of the marketing and of course has to be familiar with the classic elements of advertising if he or she wants to be successful.


4. A good networking ability

Collaboration with journalists, influencers and other companies plays an important role in social media. Therefore, it is important that the responsible manager brings the most important skills for good networking . He can get in touch with new people and build a good foundation. Networking is very important for success on the Internet - you should be aware of this when entering this industry.


5. Recognize quality and use it properly

The quality of content today is far beyond the quantity . A good social media manager recognizes the possibilities and knows how to create quality content. He also recognizes when a campaign can not meet the existing standards. Good quality is a key to success.


6. Create sustainability

Good advertising stays in the memory of the users. This means that you not only rely on short-term success, but also equip your campaigns for sustainable success . Therefore, a manager in this area must ensure that his campaigns are of constant duration. Good brands live from a lasting image.


7. The ability to adapt

The Internet is changing and the different streams in social media are changing. One of the most important skills of a good social media manager is identifying trends and getting involved with them . Adaptability should therefore be taken into account when engaging in a job in the industry.