The portfolio composition of the Strategy Dynamic remained unchanged during the past month. The well-diversified but not diversified portfolio again benefited from a positive performance of its individual components in May. The shares of the companies Jacobs Engineering Group and MasterCard had a particularly good month.

Jacobs Engineering , based in Dallas, Texas, benefited most from the flourishing US oil business in May. This development was rewarded on the stock exchange with a price gain of almost 11%. The stock of the New York-based payment service provider MasterCard Inc. recorded a price increase of approx. 5.5% in the past four weeks. MasterCard benefits indirectly from President Trump's tax reform: The reform has resulted in some significant tax savings for many American companies, which they then passed on to their employees.

For this reason, wages in the US are now at the highest level in 11 years . In turn, wage increases are leading to rising consumer spending and, consequently, increased credit card use. Shop till you drop ....

We believe Quint: Essence Strategy Dynamic, as it stands , is well positioned for the coming months. Therefore, we do not plan any major changes in the allocation of the fund portfolio.

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