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Heino Reents2 MIN READING TIME2018-10-29

Why technology stocks should be an integral part of the portfolio

Technology represents the future. For this reason, Concept Vermögensmanagement places a strong emphasis on Wirecard, PayPal and Co. in the asset-managing fund Aurelia Global.

Strong growth, great future prospects and attractive price gains - these are frequently mentioned characteristics in connection with technology stocks. And indeed it was a mistake in the past years to not have values ​​like Apple, Amazon or even a German Wirecard in the portfolio. For example, the US technology index Nasdaq Composite has outperformed the market-wide S & P 500 Index over the past five decades.

Even though the good mood has deteriorated recently and many of the technology stocks have suffered from some of the strong profit-taking, nothing has changed in the fundamentally very positive outlook for the industry. Because most of the companies show above-average sales growth. In addition, they have business models that should provide further growth over the next few years and maybe even decades.

This also convinces Concept Vermögensmanagement. The portfolio of the asset-managing fund Concept Aurelia Global consists to a large extent of technology stocks. With an equity quota of currently around 65 percent, the weighting on tech and media stocks is almost three quarters.

Profit from upheavals

The focus is on the winners of the digital age. These include the concept experts in addition to Baidu and S & T also Wirecard and PayPal. All four companies are among the Fund's current top picks. For various reasons: Wirecard and PayPal, for example, are benefiting from the triumph of e-commerce in the past two decades, which has led to major changes in payment channels and settlers.

From the perspective of the expert, there are good reasons to invest in technology stocks. First, the great importance for the future. Because it is always new technologies that drive the world and / or lead out of crises. "If we are looking for the winners of the future and want to identify them at an early stage, we have to look at trends and life in ten or 20 years," explains fund manager Thomas Bartling.

In addition, many technology companies have little debt and grow at double-digit rates each year. In addition, high cash levels give many companies scope for research and development. And last but not least, the emerging-market consumer trend is favoring technology stocks in developed countries in particular.

Mix of growth and stability
But of course, because tech titles are not allowed to be part of a portfolio for risk reasons, it makes sense to use appropriate building blocks for diversification. A good hand with the right mix between promising growth stocks that represent the future and investments that provide the necessary balance, proves asset manager Concept at Aurelia Global. As a strategic investment, the experts rely on gold.

The idea behind it: Precious metals represent value retention and security. Gold protects long-term purchasing power. In combination with technology stocks, it dampens the big swings of dynamic stocks and calms the portfolio. "The combination of technology stocks and precious metals is already risk-reducing per se, as these asset classes are not correlated," says Bartling.

This idiosyncratic combination of tech stocks and precious metals has the goal of preserving investors' assets even in difficult market phases and, moreover, achieving a reasonable and less volatile return. In addition, there is an unusually high cash ratio of currently more than 20 percent. A benchmark does not have to be considered. Rather, the allocation is based on macroeconomic and monetary macroeconomic data and is tactically guided by market sentiment and technical support.

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