With CAPinside you always have the financial market in view.

Monitor your funds, create watchlists, analyze

newcomers and referrals, rate products

and articles. As a result,

only relevant news and products are presented to you.

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In a few steps to your intelligent profile

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First step

Create profile

By creating your profile and a sample depot, you can exploit the full extent of CAPinside.

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Second step

Teach algorithm

By reviewing articles and products (like and watchlist), CAPinside will learn what you are interested in. After a while, you will only see what you are really interested in.

Do not worry, you will not be in an information bubble. In a healthy rhythm you will continue to be supplied with mixed articles of the financial world.
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Here we go

And now have fun

Browse through current articles, track funds in your watchlist and create your own product list.

No time to read an article completely? Save it for later or share it with your network.